Thursday, October 2, 2008

a look back on unicamp

this blog is gonna be short. it's no where near the 300+ that Mic has, but this video really inspired me to testify to others what i did 2 summers ago, and why i did it. Unicamp. i'll update this entry more later (cuz i have to go to lunch), but i think it's an awesome video which encompasses wholly what Unicamp is all about (plus its really professionally done!)

UCLA UniCamp Promotional Video from Randy Chia on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

olympics 2008

so this is a pretty significant year in that the motherland is hosting the 2008 Olympics. a friend of mine showed me this youtube vid of the opening song to the Olympics...

...and well, it made me somewhat proud of my heritage. there might be an anticipated winter trip to visit them this year....??? (questions self?)

sigh, who wants to go to asia this winter? let me know now so i can plan ahead!

aaaaand....we're back!

recognize the image above? it's from gmail after you reconnect from a network fluke. so after about a 3 month hiatus, i'm back and ready to start bloggin again. so much has happened since the last time i blogged! just to name a few...

- i moved to norcal...still adjusting, but things are getting better. i'm anticipating a better transition come this fall when a lot of people move up here. but we'll see....

- my birthday just passed. thanks a lot to all those who sent birthday wishes through text, IM, facebook, phone calls, letters of correspondence, etc! and for all those birthday dinners ....mmm boy you people know how to get to me through free food!

- so after months of looking for a job, i finally landed one at it's been awesome so far...working in San Jose mondays through wednesdays at Adobe; going to the office in SF thurs/fri-- i'm not complaining! some of you probably have seen the mobile pictures i've taken with my phone at work. this place is bomb diggity!

speaking of Deloitte..i think one of the biggest issues going on at the firm is not our business practices or which clients we've scored...but it's about the iPhone 3g. lol just recently, they announced the possibility of iPhone 3g support in the near future. on our intranet, there are weekly updates from our CIO. and this was his latest post:

Can I get my iPhone now?

A message from CIO Larry Quinlan, Deloitte LLP

July 10, 2008

Not just yet!

We need another week or two to answer definitively. We are negotiating hard with AT&T, the exclusive provider of the iPhone, to try to get a favorable deal. Initial monthly service pricing is millions of dollars per year higher than our current PDA offerings.

The good news: Apple has delivered on the technical and security updates needed to work safely with our e-mail environment…the remaining issue is really cost.

So sit tight and we’ll be back to you shortly (and PLEASE don’t rush out and try to connect any of the iPhone versions to our network). If waiting is too hard, you can always gaze longingly at the iPhone 3G through the window of your neighborhood Apple store.

Larry Quinlan
Chief Information Officer
Deloitte LLP

witty little fellow, dont' ya think? anyway, i'm excited bout the possibility. but what am i gonna do with 2 phones? i don't wanna lug 2 around w/ me like Nutz does with his blackberry..but at the same time, i don't wanna give up my BB either. sigh...decisions decisions...guess i'll be making one when they announce the GO GO GO for the iPhone.

okay! back to work...i think ive procrastinated long enough. =)